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About Us

We are Sascha & Sophie and we’re thrilled to welcome you here!

Here’s a bit about us: Exploring the beauty of nature is our passion. Whether it’s traversing mountains, wandering through forests, or embracing the serenity of lakes, we’re always on the move.

Our journeys have opened our eyes to the profound impact humanity has on our environment. But instead of turning a blind eye, we’ve chosen to embrace sustainability and spread awareness. That’s why we’ve created “regrow itself” and “regrow shop” – platforms where we can share our experiences and inspire others.

These websites are more than just projects; they’re a reflection of our commitment to living in harmony with the Earth. What began as a hobby has blossomed into a lifelong mission, shaping every aspect of our lives.


regrow itself

To live sustainably and in harmony with nature. That’s what we aim to convey to as many minds as possible. With lovingly crafted articles, intriguing quizzes, and unique recipes, we strive to share our knowledge.

Unlike many blogs, we refuse to bombard you with intrusive advertisements. Instead, expect a clean and informative space where you can explore the wonders of eco-friendly living at your own pace.

With our vegan recipes, we aim to make cooking as simple as possible for everyone. We want to prove that cooking can be just as easy as preparing a pre-packaged meal. Only without all the packaging waste and without a chemical cocktail in the food.


regrow shop

Modern art increasingly relies on plastics: acrylic paints, synthetic brushes, and polyester canvases, frequently packaged in plastic frames with acrylic glass. At the Regrow Shop, we’re determined to break this trend and transform the art world.

We specialize in selling biodegradable and sustainable artworks crafted with handpicked pigments and natural binders. Our paintings and canvases are exclusively made from environmentally friendly materials.

In the future, our shop will strive to offer a wider range of sustainable products, including hygiene items, writing materials, and leisure equipment, all aimed at providing environmentally conscious alternatives